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Farmry F.HR420, with its 340 cm rotor disc diameter, ensures even wider coverage for optimized productivity. Its impressive working width of 420 cm allows farmers to cover large areas with ease. Weighing 590 kg, this model exhibits robust construction for heavy-duty operations.


Farmry F.HR420 Rotary Hay Rake, a powerhouse of agricultural innovation designed to elevate productivity and efficiency on the farm. Boasting a substantial 340 cm rotor disc diameter, this exceptional piece of machinery ensures an expansive coverage area, optimizing hay gathering for superior yields.

Optimized Working Width for Productivity With an impressive working width of 420 cm, the Farmry F.HR420 takes farm operations to new heights by effortlessly covering large areas. This feature proves invaluable for farmers seeking to maximize output while minimizing time and effort. The precision-engineered design guarantees uniform raking, contributing to an optimized hay collection process.

Robust Construction for Heavy-Duty Operations Weighing in at 590 kg, the Farmry F.HR420 stands as a testament to durability and reliability in the field. Its robust construction is specifically engineered for heavy-duty operations, ensuring that the rotary hay rake seamlessly handles the demands of rigorous agricultural tasks. This model is built to withstand the challenges of the modern farming landscape, providing farmers with a dependable solution for their hay raking needs.

Efficient 3-Point Hitch Linkage Equipped with a 3-point hitch linkage system, the Farmry F.HR420 ensures convenient and stable attachment to tractors. This linkage system enhances maneuverability, allowing farmers to navigate varied terrains with ease. The efficient design of the hitch linkage contributes to the overall agility of the rotary hay rake, ensuring optimal performance in diverse farming environments.

Enhanced Agricultural Productivity The Farmry F.HR420 goes beyond expectations, not only meeting but exceeding the requirements of modern farming practices. Its advanced features and thoughtful design contribute to enhanced agricultural productivity, allowing farmers to achieve more in less time. With this rotary hay rake, the farm becomes a more efficient and productive space, redefining the way hay is gathered and processed.

Unparalleled Performance Inspired by Innovation Farmry takes pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions to the agricultural community, and the F.HR420 Rotary Hay Rake stands as a testament to this commitment. By integrating state-of-the-art technology with practical design elements, this hay rake redefines the standards for efficiency and performance in the field.

The Farmry F.HR420 Rotary Hay Rake with 3-Point Hitch Linkage is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a catalyst for agricultural progress. From its expansive coverage to its robust construction, every aspect is meticulously crafted to empower farmers and elevate their operations. Experience the future of hay raking with Farmry – where innovation meets productivity in the heart of the farm.

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