Farmry™ Drum Mower GD Series with Twin Drum Configuration


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Introducing the Drum Mower GD Series, a versatile cutting solution for efficient grass harvesting. Available in two models, G.DM100 and G.DM135, this series offers a range of cutting widths suitable for various applications. Equipped with 2 drums and multiple cutting blades, it ensures clean and precise cuts. The GD series is designed to work with tractors with power ranging from 15-40hp, offering flexibility for different farming operations. With high working capacity and adjustable working speeds, it allows you to cover up to 1.35ha/h, providing excellent productivity. Its compact transport dimensions make it easy to maneuver and transport, making the Drum Mower GD Series a reliable choice for your grass-cutting needs.




-Cutting Width: 1000 mm - Precise 1-meter-wide cuts.
-Drums: 2 - Twin drum configuration for efficiency.
-Blades: 4 - Four sharp cutting blades included.
-Tractor Power: 15-20hp - Suitable for lower horsepower tractors.
-Weight: 150 kg - Lightweight and easy to handle.
-Working Capacity: 1ha/h - Covers 1 hectare per hour.

Salient Features


-Cutting Width: 1350 mm - Wide 1.35-meter cutting path.
-Drums: 2
-Dual drums for effective mowing.
-Blades: 8
- Eight blades for faster cutting.
-Tractor Power: 25-40hp
- Ideal for medium-powered tractors.
-Weight: 185 kg
- Maneuverable and manageable weight.
-Working Capacity: 1.35ha/h - Covers 1.35 hectares per hour.


Cutting width1000 mm1350 mm
Number of drums22
Number of cutting blades48
Tractor power15-20hp25-40hp
Length2185 mm2505 mm
Width965 mm985 mm
Height665 mm665 mm
Weight150 kg185kg
Working capacity1ha/h1.35ha/h
P.T.O Speed540 r.p.m540 r.p.m
Working speed8 – 10 km/h8 – 10 km/h
Transport dimension1200*950*575 mm1450*950*575 mm

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  1. Farmry

    Exactly what i was looking for. Grass cutting feature is just so streamlined.

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